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100 % Whole-Food Supplements

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image 100 % Whole-Food Supplements

At Evergreen Nutrition we know that many of us lead such busy lives that we often donít have time to eat as well as we should. Thatís why we carry three excellent brands of 100% whole-food supplements.

100% whole-food supplements contain nutrients the way they exist in nature: complete phytonutrients with synergistic cofactors intact which you donít get from isolated fractions. These whole-food products are processed at such low temperatures that the enzymes are still viable and they contain active probiotic cultures including the nutrient powerhouse Saccharomyces cerevisiae, a non-candida yeast. Whole-food supplements are gentle on the stomach and easily digested and utilized by our bodies. Because they are real food, they are recognized as nutrients and are easily utilized by our bodies which means they may be taken in lower potencies. And 100% whole food supplements can be taken on an empty stomach, any time of day. (Please do not confuse 100% whole-food supplements with ďfood-basedĒ supplements which may contain as little as 2% actual food.)

NEW CHAPTERís Probiotic Nutrients are created using a two-stage culturing process which yields 100% whole-food complexed nutrients complete with enzymes and naturally occurring phytonutrients.

MEGAFOOD FoodState concentrates are made from fresh, raw organic foods, delivering 100% whole-food nutrients and protective antioxidants.

GARDEN OF LIFEís raw-food-created supplements are also cultured to contain live probiotics and bioactive nutrients. They are raw and organically grown.

NATURALLY OCCURRING PHYTONUTRIENTS FOUND IN 100% WHOLE-FOOD SUPPLEMENTS: Amino Acids, Essential Trace Minerals, Bioflavonoids, Isoflavones, Beta-glucans, Glutathione, CoQ10, Lipoic Acid, SOD, Glutamine, Glucomannan, Polysaccharides, Glycoproteins, Lipoproteins.

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