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Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Healthy Bones: Strong & Flexible

Our bones are in a constant state of remodeling: tearing down and building up from infancy until the end of our days. It takes a variety of minerals and other nutrients to create an entirely new skeleton every seven years. This month we are featuring three excellent bone-building formulas which are on sale for 30% OFF throughout August.

GARDEN OF LIFE'S RAW CALCIUM and NEW CHAPTER'S BONE STRENGTH use clinically proven marine algae to provide the raw materials of bone remodeling. Both contain magnesium, strontium, silica, vanadium and over 70 trace minerals essential not only for bones, but for cardiovascular, nerve, muscle and eye health and more. JARROW'S BONE-UP utilizes microcrystalline hydroxyapatite (MCHA), free-range Australian/New Zealand calf bone, which includes all the minerals necessary to build strong bones.

All three of these products feature vitamin K2 in the superior MK-7 form which directs calcium out of soft tissue and into the bone matrix. Too much calcium may harden soft tissues like arteries, eyes and kidneys leading to health risks so MK-7 is vitally important. In addition to being strong, bones must also be flexible so these formulas also contain vitamin C and/or silica to enhance collagen formation.

Plant-derived nutrients offer superior absorption and minerals from bone are also well-utilized by our bodies. Additionally, plants and bones contain a naturally balanced complex of minerals which, in conjunction with vitamins D and K and physical activity, help to ensure that our bones will remain strong and flexible.

Can’t swallow “horse pills”? No problem! BONE STRENGTH also comes in TINY TAB size.

From Evergreen's Archive: August 2012

Evergreen's Price: $35.95
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