Deep Penetrating Salve

Deep Penetrating Salve | Pain/Inflammation

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Deep Penetrating Salve

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With Solomon's Seal

This is a powerful workhorse of a salve in which every ingredient is highly beneficial. Cortesia Sanctuary has been making healing herbal salves for many years, but they are especially proud of this unique formulation.

Remember, topical applications of the Acute & Chronic Injury Salve work synergistically well with one of the Solomon's Seal tinctures (taken internally).

Benefits and uses: For injured, sore, painful or inflamed tendons, ligaments, muscles, attachments, and joints. Also excellent for strains, sprains, bruises, and burns. Not suitable for open wounds.

NOTE: In specific cases, this salve can be highly effective when used in combination with one of the Solomon's Seal tinctures, especially Formula #1 Joint Health or Formula #2 Bone Health.


Arnica Highly effective for bruises and sprains, as it promotes healing and causes a reabsorption of internal bleeding. Arnica stimulates blood circulation and is also excellent for injuries to joints and muscles, including back strains.
Calendula Very soothing for inflammation, dry skin, burns and sunburn.
Comfrey Cooling and lubricating to sprains, strains, inflamed or stiff joints, and other injuries to joints and muscles. The allantoin in comfrey is absorbed through the skin and speeds healing. Comfrey also encourages cell regrowth in connective tissues and broken bones and breaks down red blood cells in bruising.
Horsetail Anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, good for bones, muscles, and joints. Can help soothe varicose veins (though best in this case if used with the Solomon's Seal Tincture Formula #3: Cartilage & Tissue Health).
Mullein External application to soothe nerve pain and to promote setting and healing of broken bones, fractures, sprains, and strains. Good for easing pain of minor burns.
Solomon's Seal For use on inflamed, painful, or injured tendons, ligaments, attachments, and joints. Speeds healing of bruises from blows or falls.
St. John's Wort Localized nerve pain, such as sciatica, sprains, and cramps. Also for burns and muscle or joint inflammations such as tennis elbow.


  • Keep out of reach of children.

Suggested Use:

Apply directly as needed (no open wounds). You may wish to bandage, wrap, or cover the area of application to protect your clothing from any oil residue.


Roots: Solomon's Seal, Comfrey

Leaves: Comfrey, Mullein, Horsetail

Flowers: Arnica, St. John's Wort, Calendula

All certified organic in a base of organic olive oil & beeswax.


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