SilverSol®: Silver Bullet Targets Germs

Hippocrates, the "father of medicine," recommended silver over 2,400 years ago. American Biotech Labs has improved upon this ancient treatment with the development of their uniquely constructed, patented SilverSol® Technology.

SilverSol Antibacterial Silver

Colloidal (ionic) silver has positive silver ions that can steal electrons from the cell membrane of bacteria causing the membrane to rupture.  

With Patented SilverSol Technology Silver Biotics® Immune System Support is the #1 choice of tens of thousands of people for...
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Effectively Kills Bacteria, Fungus & Yeast* ASAP OTC™ Wound Dressing Gel is a water-based hydro gel for use in moist...
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SilverSol Nano-Silver Infused Hydrogel An essential element in helping to rejuvenate and promote natural healing all over the body. Manufactured...
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Quickly Cool & Soothe a Sore ThroatWith 90 mg of antioxidant rich Vitamin C.Soothe and cool your throat, while...
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Support Your Immune System with Cooling & Soothing ActionSoothe throat discomfort, while supporting your immune system.Made with raw New Zealand manuka...
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Patented SilverSol Technology Glacial Mint Flavor SilverSol® Tooth Gel combines the unique benefits of patented SilverSol® Technology with USP verified...
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