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Triphala: The Importance of a Mother

Posted on by Evergreen Nutrition
Image Triphala: The Importance of a Mother

The Ayurvedic medicine system of India dates back thousands of years. The herbal pharmacopeia comprising these formulas thus has countless anecdotal testimonials, since borne out by modern scientific research. In this system of herbal medicine, the most important branch of substances, rasayanas, are tonics (meant to be consumed on a regular basis). Within this special group, one of the most revered tonics is called triphala. In India there is a saying that the importance of triphala is that of a mother. Its uses may be simplified as purification, cleansing, and detoxification, especially of the digestive tract. These actions affect health on many more levels, however.

Triphala Fruits

What is Triphala? 

Triphala is a formula, composed of three different fruits, each with actions of their own, and when taken together providing incredible benefits. The Indian names of these fruits are amla, baheda, and harada, also known as amalaki, haritaki, and bibhitaki. In brief, the amla fruit is a powerful antioxidant, one of the world's richest sources of vitamin C. It is known to reduce cholesterol and boost the body's absorption of iron and calcium. Haritaki has an affinity for removing toxins from the urinary and intestinal tracts, reduces abnormally high blood pressure, and also boosts absorption of nutrients. Bibhitaki, or beleric, reduces excess mucus and also helps to relieve asthma and allergies.

Himalaya Triphala

Digestive Tonic

In India, Ayurvedic physicians often use triphala alone for healing patients, and recommend it for general health and disease prevention. In this country it seems to be known as a laxative, but this is not its true action. It benefits the digestive system on the whole by regulating the bowel, improving digestion and elimination. It detoxifies the digestive tract in this capacity. Efficient removal of toxins benefits health greatly. With regard to digestive issues, triphala may relieve colitis, diverticulitis, Crohn's disease, constipation, diarrhea, and more.

Savesta Triphala with Lotus

Additional Benefits

Triphala benefits more than the digestive system, as noted above. In addition to improving blood pressure and cholesterol levels, it may be beneficial for diabetes. Research has proven it to have strong antioxidant activity. It is considered a blood purifier, and benefits the liver as well. These effects improve the skin's complexion. Vision may be strengthened and improved by triphala consumption. In fact, externally it may be used as an eyewash to relieve red, sore eyes.

Himalaya Floravani with Herbs

Evergreen Nutrition has carried several triphala products for a long time, and recently brought in, in addition to Himalaya's regular triphala product, an exciting new formula called Floravani. This product consists of triphala with a proprietary herbal blend benefiting digestion and so much more. In addition to the classic triphala effects of improved digestion, Floravani has been shown in clinical studies to promote healthy populations of beneficial bacteria. It supports your own native microbiome and the natural ratio of existing gut bacteria. This is a true health tonic, and Himalaya Herbal products have 80 years of experience in Ayurvedic wellness. Floravani is vegan, gluten free, and free of corn and soy.

Evergreen's Price: $10.35
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